What to look for in a business email solution

Business email Solutions

What to look for in a business email solution: Checklist

A reliable, secure and organised business email solution is essential in today’s workplace. An efficient and easy-to-use system should be top of your list when considering IT that will make doing business easier. Here is a checklist to ensure your business emails build and keep clients’ trust:

Your business emails: A checklist

Does your email system include:

  • Clear, trust-building branding?
  • Adequate security for business-client confidentiality?
  • Fraud protection and other added security layers?
  • Malicious URL protection?
  • Simplified resource-sharing?
  • Accessible, expert support?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of the above checklist, it’s time to find a better, reliable email solutions.

Let’s discuss the above email necessities further:

  1. Branding for business emails
    Free email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo that take the format @freeprovider.com simply look less professional than emails with @yourcompany.com. A branded email for your business helps to build trust – your clients know they’re not getting email from just any Joe.
  2. Adequate security for business-client confidentiality
    Email privacy is essential in order to protect sensitive client data, from service agreements and accounts to private discussions and other data. A secure business email solution that provides multiple layers of security will safeguard clients’ email addresses or correspondence against malicious external activity.
  3. Fraud protection and other added security layers
    Scammers have become sophisticated at phishing (sending deceitful emails designed to extract valuable personal data such as bank details). Reliable email solutions tend to include more than one layer of security (above and beyond a password) to ensure that data is only accessible to intended parties.
  4. Malicious URL protection
    Another major problem for businesses is that many receive spam emails and phishing attempts containing harmful links. An IT solution for business email with in-built malicious URL protection will screen links for harmful content and provide an extra layer of defence.
  5. Simplified resource sharing
    Today’s business email solutions are fully integrated with other cloud-based office tools to make data sharing easier than ever. A good solution will make it easier for you to share information such as calendars, file resources, contacts, shared tasks and folders.
  6. Accessible, expert support
    Email is such a critical part of business operation for most businesses that you need a service that includes accessible support when you need it. A managed system with remote IT support will provide you an easy way to troubleshoot forwarding and other issues so that you can access the information you need, when you need it, securely.
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