IT Support has never been this effortless. A single point of contact and you can rest assured that all your IT queries are dealt with, quickly & efficiently.

Your computers are the workhorses of the company, and ensuring they stay healthy, fast and safe is top priority for any business.
Ativo ICT will provide your users with the extensive support they require to ensure as little downtime as possible.

Downtime can be costly, and ultimately impact business negatively. With instant remote access we can assist quickly to conserve time and energy to remedy any problems experienced, without the need to wait for an on-site technical person.

Our services are scaled to your needs, so as your business grows, we are able to offer you the IT support you require.

With our support services designed around the requirements of clients, you can count on us for supplying:

  • The correct IT Support for the task at hand
  • The most durable and Reliable Hardware
  • The most simple and effective IT Software
  • All while keeping within the client’s budget; no matter how big or small

Our managed IT support services include, amongst other items, the following:

  • AntiVirus Mangement & Monitoring
  • Security Management
  • Hardware Support
  • Patch Mangement
  • Priority incident management
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Remote Support for faster resolution