Reliable email systems are the backbone of modern businesses. We offer solutions to ensure not only reliability, but speed, efficiency & mobility as well.

There are many email solutions available to businesses of all sizes, and we’ve vetted the most reliable systems and configurations based on industry recommendation and personal experience over many years.

These email solutions are all scalable to your needs, so as your business grows, they’ll grow with you.

Office 365

Office 365 Cloud is improving the way businesses operate by providing solutions from secure hosted mail, all the way through to a complete office in the cloud solution for your business. Reduce the risk of downtime and data loss with Ativo ICT and the Microsoft Office 365 Platform.



Private Mail Server

If Email Privacy is what you are looking for then a dedicated Private Mail Server will be advantageous to your business by providing faster delivery of internal mails, full control, unequalled privacy & unlimited mailbox sizes.

With a private mail server we always recommend using Mimecast’s Unified Email Management solution to ensure mail continuity if the server is ever down, including spam protection.


Hosted Exchange Mailboxes

The cloud is the future – Hosted Mailing Solutions are easier to use and provide businesses with a more holistic approach to integrating their business systems, especially across multiple locations.

We recommend Hosted Exchange for businesses who would prefer not to worry about hardware costs and licencing features. Instead, the business only pays a monthly fee per mailbox.