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CHECKLIST: Is your business’s IT infrastructure safe?

Is your businesss IT infrastructure safe

IT solutions today cannot afford not to prioritise security. Ransomware and other cybercrime have compromised even state departments of the world’s most security conscious governments. Here is a checklist to determine whether your IT infrastructure is secure, or whether you need a new provider and new IT infrastructure: First: A quick IT infrastructure security checklist […]

Avoid these five devastating IT security issues

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IT security issues may have devastating consequences if not addressed in time. From hacks and stolen data to ransomware attacks that leave critical databases inaccessible. Here are five IT security issues to take seriously and address: Using older, unsupported systems Many businesses have older hardware and software, including systems that are out of support for […]

Are you ready for the new normal? Ask yourself these 5 questions about your IT Solutions

Many businesses struggle to keep pace with rapid technological changes. Yet ‘the new normal’ waits for no-one. Asking the right questions about your current business IT solution will help you decide how to improve your IT setup: 1. Is your security up to scratch? In recent years, cyberattacks have become more prolific. When even major […]

The New Normal: Is your business’ IT infrastructure ready?

In 2021 and beyond, investing in strong IT infrastructure is crucial. Is your business ready for the ‘new normal’ of remote work and other changes that impact IT necessities? Prepare for security-conscious remote work In the aftermath of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many pundits suggest the 9 to 5, in-office-only work week could change to […]

Don’t go phishing

The situation 2020 has been a remarkable year in terms of how businesses that have survived have been forced to change their method of operation compared to previous years, most especially in terms of the technology landscape. With these new methods, a new wave of threats also became evident, phishing and malware threats as well […]

8 IT Security Tips for home and office


The internet has helped us make life faster and more seamless, but what happens when you haven’t secured your computer or network properly? Disaster can strike, below we have compiled a list of things to check on your home or office network to prevent the bad stuff of the internet getting the better of you. […]

Petya & what we know about it so far

Two days ago the Ukraine was struck by a massive ransomware attack that took out several companies computer systems. Most of the affected companies do business with the Ukrainian government. It was first known to be ransomware, but now researchers have realised that it looks more like a cyber attack with no intention other than […]

16 Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know

Cyber Security The world is connected. We know it, and so does everyone with a malicious intent to destroy and steal. We take for granted the ability to surf half way across the world, most times without sparing a thought to the Cyber Security part of it. Moreover, as said by Marco Essomba in a […]