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7 business IT best practices to watch

IT professional showing business people best practices

Understanding (but most importantly, implementing) business IT best practices safeguards your business against downtime and other issues. These 7 business IT best practices will help you to keep your business productive, secure and equipped with the right technology for success: Is your software and security up-to-date? Keeping your IT systems up-to-date is crucial for multiple […]

5 IT problems that could be holding your business back

Technology advances at a pace that many businesses struggle to keep up with. Yet it’s easy to find appropriate solutions and outsource them. Here are 5 business and IT problems that could be holding your business back: 1. Weak data security Many business systems are either vulnerable to cyberattack or else are set up insufficiently for data […]

Are you ready for the new normal? Ask yourself these 5 questions about your IT Solutions

Many businesses struggle to keep pace with rapid technological changes. Yet ‘the new normal’ waits for no-one. Asking the right questions about your current business IT solution will help you decide how to improve your IT setup: 1. Is your security up to scratch? In recent years, cyberattacks have become more prolific. When even major […]

The New Normal: Is your business’ IT infrastructure ready?

In 2021 and beyond, investing in strong IT infrastructure is crucial. Is your business ready for the ‘new normal’ of remote work and other changes that impact IT necessities? Prepare for security-conscious remote work In the aftermath of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many pundits suggest the 9 to 5, in-office-only work week could change to […]

6 IT Tips to speed up your Windows 10 Computer

6 tips to speed up Windows 10 PC

Most of the world is moving slowly to the Windows 10 platform whether it is for business or home. And as you might have seen your computer may start to slow down after months of usage. We have compiled a list of some tips to help you speed up and get the most out of […]

Petya & what we know about it so far

Two days ago the Ukraine was struck by a massive ransomware attack that took out several companies computer systems. Most of the affected companies do business with the Ukrainian government. It was first known to be ransomware, but now researchers have realised that it looks more like a cyber attack with no intention other than […]