Are you ready for the new normal? Ask yourself these 5 questions about your IT Solutions

Many businesses struggle to keep pace with rapid technological changes. Yet ‘the new normal’ waits for no-one. Asking the right questions about your current business IT solution will help you decide how to improve your IT setup:

1. Is your security up to scratch?

In recent years, cyberattacks have become more prolific. When even major US departments have been compromised, you know it’s time to be security conscious.

Do you know how safe your IT is? Is your current business IT solution secure enough that it can stand strong against ransomware and other cybercrime issues? If not, get dedicated IT security support to protect your business.

2. Is data available when and where workers need it?

Remote work has grown across almost every industry. The COVID-19 pandemic simply nudged more businesses to embrace a trend that had already been growing for some time.

With remote work becoming more widespread, it’s important for data to be accessible when and where your team needs it.

Does your IT system include cloud-based tech that allows uninterrupted remote productivity?

3. Are your systems sufficiently integrated and automated?

Many businesses hang onto legacy systems that may be familiar but reduce productivity. Are your IT solutions sufficiently integrated for maximum productivity?

Have you automated the low-hanging fruit processes that would otherwise create bottlenecks?

4. Have you used every budget-friendly IT solution available?

Businesses can easily save costs in the long-term by switching to newer IT solutions that reduce overheads. For example, VOIP telecommunications that use fibre data instead of more expensive alternatives.

Is your business ready to embrace affordable, newer tech? Our IT solutions are cost-saving, workable and reliable.

5. Is your website ready for the way we do business now?

A fast, security-conscious website with guaranteed uptime is essential for doing business today. With Google ranking slower, non-mobile-responsive pages lower, you can’t afford to have a clunky website.

Have you invested enough in web development for the digital shopfront of your business to draw the customers or clients you want?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, you can still get bespoke IT solutions that will help to keep your business competitive. Contact Ativo today to find out how we can help you do business, better.

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