Passion Breeds Perfection

We believe in the positive impact technology has in all aspects of our lives. From social interaction, to improvements in business processes, technology is everywhere.

But technology, awe inspiring & impressive as it may be, is only a tool. A tool that helps us do things faster, better & more efficiently. And when it doesn’t work, it has a reverse effect: slowing productivity down & causing endless frustration.
At Ativo ICT, we believe in making technology work the way it was intended to, and in so doing, improving people’s daily experiences and interactions.

We provide IT Support Services to customers in the Johannesburg and Pretoria region that focuses on Small Businesses of all sizes, covering all aspects of IT infrastructure. We understand the importance of reliable IT systems in your business, and we provide services aimed at managing budgets with a flat rate cost.

We also know that all businesses are different. With this in mind, we also provide IT Support Services to customers on an ad-hoc basis so you only pay for the support you need, when you really need it.


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At ATIVO ICT we believe in optimising, streamlining & simplifying IT so you can focus on what’s really important: Your Business.