5 Q&A’s You Need for a New IT Supplier

Businessman asking new IT supplier questions

Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves.” – Satya Nadella

Are you overwhelmed by complicated IT issues that could be turned into simplified IT solutions? There are many questions you should ask a new IT supplier, to ensure you’ll get security-conscious, reliable IT support. Here are 5 questions to ask (along with the answers you should be getting):

  1. What are IT Suppliers’ Qualifications and Experience?

    In IT, appropriate solutions offer more than the best price. They offer the best quality at the best price. Technology that will keep private information secure, reliable information at your fingertips.

    When you ask IT suppliers about their credentials, they should be willing to share both accreditation and practical experience relevant to your specific needs that demonstrates suitability for your project.

  2. What are IT suppliers’ turnaround times?

    In today’s fast-pace tech environment, downtime means money down the drain. Ask IT suppliers’ their turnaround times, and ensure that you can expect fast, efficient service that will maximise your system’s stability and your business’ productivity.

  3. What are IT suppliers’ turnaround times?

    In IT, you need quality assurance. A network in a mess with slow legacy redundancies won’t cut it. Success is baked into a well-qualified plan. IT problem-solvers who understand business processes will be able to qualify the expected impact of a proposed IT solution.

  4. What are IT suppliers’ turnaround times?

    As a business with a budget, you naturally want budget-friendly IT services that will not involve runaway costs. Ask IT suppliers about flat-rate service agreements that will afford you unlimited technical support for a predictable fee you can bank on.

  5. What are IT suppliers’ turnaround times?

    In the past few years, more businesses have embraced remote work solutions, whether by choice or necessity. In doing so, many have found cost savings in reducing overheads such as office space.

    Ask your IT suppliers how efficient IT solutions such as VOIP telecommunications can reduce your business costs. The right IT infrastructure will keep your business more agile and protected against needless expenses.

Do you need IT infrastructure or off-site IT support you can rely on? Contact us today to find out how we can make doing business easier.

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