5 IT problems that could be holding your business back

Technology advances at a pace that many businesses struggle to keep up with. Yet it’s easy to find appropriate solutions and outsource them. Here are 5 business and IT problems that could be holding your business back:

1. Weak data security

Many business systems are either vulnerable to cyberattack or else are set up insufficiently for data and privacy regulations. With regulations such as GDPR governing doing business digitally in different locations, it’s important to cover all bases.

Cyberattacks or savvy customers taking business elsewhere due to data security or privacy concerns are two issues to avoid. Invest in dedicated IT problem-solvers who will keep your business’ and customers’ data safe.

2. Inadequate tech to meet changing customer needs

Tech-savvy customers’ demands are changing. Newer technology has disrupted old ways of doing business. A survey in the UK back in 2019 found 19% of businesses were worried they’d be left behind competitors within 5 years. This concern has likely grown in recent years, given the pace of digital transformation.

Invest in future-forward technology that will prepare your business to meet anticipated and unanticipated customer needs.

3. Lack of appropriate skills

Another business challenge tied to IT is lack of appropriate skills. Businesses that are not equipped for digital transformation may not have budget to expand the range of skills they have in-house at the speed necessary.

This is where outsourcing IT to a company that provides bespoke solutions and flat rates for retainers is a savvy, budget-friendly option.

4. Location-based restrictions

Centralised information systems that are not fully digitised and/or cloud-based are still holding many businesses back.

Decentralised data is vital for the future-focused business. It is wise, too, to have vital data backed up and available anywhere. This reduces the impact of downtime (or eliminates downtime entirely) in the event of technological issues.

5. Low flexibility

Inflexible legacy business systems are a ball and chain to many businesses. Often, this issue comes down to IT – a clunky, outdated system holding a business back.

Investing in flexible systems that make full use of the productivity and agility benefits of current technology will ensure your business isn’t left behind.

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